The majority of the trails at Wallace Marine Park are soft surface trails. A fraction of the trail runs along the Willamette River through a forested area with ivy and blackberry’s. The trail then loops wide around the parking areas and the softball complex. The trail continues past two spacious green areas. The running here is relatively flat with a few tiny ups and downs. Potential for some exploring on the north side of the park on single track, but I turned back to the main trail when I spotted people posted up in tents and garbage scattered everywhere. This was unfortunate because the main trail was very clean and well maintained. Overall this is a great place to run especially when you factor in combining this run with Riverfront Park, just run across the Union Street Bridge to get to Riverfront Park and this would add another two miles to your run.

  • Length 1 Mile
  • Elevation Minimal
  • Public Use Free to Play
  • Restrooms Available
141 ft 124 ft 1.53 miles