Mix up your daily run by trying one of the many different routes Minto has to offer. With so much potential, you could run here for years never getting bored, exploring new route variations on a variety of different surfaces. A good place to train for speed, the elevation hardly changes on any of the routes. Some of the scenery will include views of the Willamette Slough, Willamette River, ponds, farm land, large meadows, and a variety of tree species. The park is also a wildlife refuge. You should have no problem if you want a short run or a longer run boasting 12 plus miles of trails. Sections of the park flood during the winter, check with the official park website for weather conditions.

  • Length 5+ Miles
  • Elevation Minimal
  • Public Use Free to Play
  • Restrooms Available
147 ft 121 ft 7.34 miles