A short and well maintained trail winding along a 23 acre park that overlooks the Willamette River. If you’re looking to go for a run in the downtown area and want to avoid sidewalks and traffic lights, this is a good choice. The outside loop gains almost a mile in distance. Lots of festivities during the summer, so if you like to run where people are out and about this is an excellent choice.

If more distance is what you are looking for, run the out side loop of Riverfront Park and continue heading north along the running path that leads to the Union Street Railroad Bridge, which is now a dedicated pedestrian walkway. This path will link to Wallace Marine Park where you can complete the outside loop and head back. Combining the two parks is effectively a 3.5 mile loop. Note that most of the Wallace Marine section is on a dirt/wood chips trail.

  • Length 1 Mile
  • Elevation Minimal
  • Public Use Free to Play
  • Restrooms Available
157 ft 134 ft 0.75 miles