This is a very large park with an excellent trail system. The trail runs past Walnut and Hazelnut orchards and various other trees including the tallest Black Cottonwood in the nation.

Ivy is everywhere smothering the under brush and crawling up trees creating canopies. Even the towering Cottonwood trees were affected. With ivy being so prevalent and the combination of dense under brush, it feels like you’re running through a jungle. The trail winds through orchard fields, farm Lands, and open prairies.

You will also have a nice view of the Willamette River on your run. There are paved, dirt, and equestrian trails to choose from. Combine the the three and you should have no problem getting 10 or more miles out here. Trails are marked at most of the junctions making it easy to know where you are. Check conditions before you head out this place is susceptible to flooding. Have fun!

  • Length 5+ Miles
  • Elevation Minimal
  • Access Fee Pay to Play
  • Restrooms Available
121 ft 98 ft 9.85 miles