Beautiful place to run with numerous waterfalls and a large network of trails to choose from. A great place for some trail and adventure running. Trails here will be extremely taxing on the legs, but you are equally rewarded with some impressive views. I found the elevation change to be substantially more than any other place in the Willamette Valley. There are flat sections in and around the park, for the majority be prepared for some serious climb and descent.

A very popular place for families, hikers, and tourists. Go early to avoid crowds. You might want to print the map brochure before going, they didn’t have any available when I was there. I found the signs to be poorly marked or even missing. This made navigating the trails confusing and frustrating. Be aware that the trails can become slippery and are technical. Still, this is an awesome place for trail running and exploring, have fun.

  • Length 5+ Miles
  • Elevation Difficult
  • Access Fee Pay to Play
  • Restrooms Available
1522 ft 948 ft 8.71 miles