Sweet singletrack in a beautiful forest. From the trailhead cross a forest gate and head slightly down hill on forest road 800. I took a left at marker 810 and began the climb up to Alpha Trail. Keep your eye out for trail markers along the way. Follow Alpha Trail to Ridge Trail. You will know when you hit Ridge Trail because it intersects at a T. Take a left here and continue down to road 600 (gravel road) which crosses Sulphur Springs Rd (paved road). Turn left once you hit Sulphur Springs Rd. The road has a decent shoulder to run on. From here its all downhill back to where you started. If you don’t like the idea of running on the side of the road, simply turn around, and head back the same way you came. Great trail with a challenging climb and fun decent. Honestly the trail was a little confusing so take my trail directions with a grain of salt. Have fun!

  • Length 2+ Miles
  • Elevation Difficult
  • Public Use Free to Play
  • No Restrooms Plan Ahead
1292 ft 616 ft 2.47 miles